Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making money is a SNAP

So you are a little down on your luck? Haven't had a job since you campaigned for the Oberdork? Have a resume that looks like a blank sheet of paper? Fear not, you can still make money. Just sell your EBT card on craigs list.
Nancy P Lousy said that the welfare benefits, and unemployment help stimulate the economy, and if yo ucan't use all your EBT payment, you are not doing your part. Sure, you tried, steak and lobster, only the best for your family, but you still had money left at the end of the month, and you heard that regular folks who do work are struggling, so in selling your benefits, you are just helping Barry's numbers.
Besides, you need dinero to get the things you want, and EBT cards can't be used to purchase big screen TVs. So get off your ass, start a fake email account, then go over to Craigs list, set up an account, and put your unearned benefits to work for you!
Crime? What crime? Its not like the government worked for that money, we all know they are stealing it from the inheritance of future generations. And besides, Barry is grooming Hitlery to run in 2016, and he can't afford to lose voters at this stage in hte game, a Turn arround in the 2014 election might make voter fraud harder even for a Chicago thug and his minions.
I'm against EBT cards in the first place, so you know my blood is boiling at the thought of these scum selling their benefits. When we catch em, the punishment should be six years in the military, stuck as a peace keeper in some hell hole that makes Afghanistan look like a vacation venue, and with out pay. Then, when your enlistment is up, we leave your ass their as a reminder.
"Mommy, when will Aunt Shaquanda be comming home?"
"Shaquanda caint come home. She afraid o the water, and the sharks would get high colesterol eatin her fugly ass. She stuck in Africa."

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