Friday, October 4, 2013

More of Barry's buds.

Just took the time to read up on the motorcycle incident in New York. The media hero in this mess had a suspended drivers license. He hadn't had a permit since 1999, and had never had a motorcycle permit. He was arrested in Massiveclueless less then six months ago. Now he is possible confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. On our dime.
It looks to me like this was a roving band of thugs who happened to be on crotch rockets instead of Nikes. If New Hoark had reasonable firearms laws, the man who was beaten would have had a gun to defend himself and his family, and you can bet your ass, or bloomin idiots last nickel, those thugs would have thought twice about doing their little side show of stupid stunts.
Way to go MAIG, creating a new victim every minute while the criminals rove at will in the rotten Apple.


Gregory said...

I have watched the whole thing and see the bikers as total assholes. I wish the driver had had a weapon with him too. I just bought a Italian 10 mm for concealed carry. Hope that I never have to use it for self defense though....but I will.

Gregory said...

I just read a Fox blib that said tw2o of those bikers might have been off-duty policemen. I hope that that isn't true.