Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Heba Said, a reporter for The Shorthorn at University of Texas at Arlington is claiming she was targeted for her muslim hijab while covering the Texas Republican Party's annual convention. I might be wrong, but this sounds like purest BULLSHIT to me. One, maybe two people there who were uncomfortable? that might happen, especially given how the ROPMA has conducted themselves this millenium. (or the last one for that matter.)
My sniffer smells taquia, and Jason Sicko at yahoo is buying it hook lie and stinker.
But lets assume for a few minutes that the folks there in Texas really did act like that toward her, are they justified? Well, lets start with the actions of mainstream muslims in Israel, There it has been common place for women to carry bombs onto buses, and into malls and shopping centers.
We could also consider the actions of boko Haran in Africa, or ISIS in Iraq. but you might say, those people are not Americans who are doing all that koran sanctioned actions.
That is true, we have had people from all over America who have gone to Africa and the middle east and joined terror groups, and we have kids who have attacked such events as the Boston Marathon.
Lets also not forget that another muslim student from a Big 12 school blew himself to smitherines  a few years back. Not blaming the Big12 mind you, or any other university, just crediting muslims, that's all. Seeing as to how I was NOT at their convention, its likely that there was no one present with that much distrust of the satanists.
A convention like that has plenty of press. If there was anything to her claims, there would be masses of video clips on CNN, (p)msnbc, and NPR showing the world how evil those republicans are. Whats that I hear? Crickets? Heba Lie? My bet is she is being a good little mooslime, and doing her taquia.
Could be wrong, bet I aint.

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