Thursday, September 25, 2014

We have enough arab participation

The Kenyan village idiot wants more arab participation in the global war on terror. WTF, they are already supplying 100% of the splodydopes, jihadists, and 98% of the human shields, the rest coming from the world press corps. Or is that press corpses?
The only good thing we are getting from the arab participants is plenty of target practice for our men in uniform.
Screw the arab assistance. If we put them on our side of the wire, they kill main or kidnap our brave fighters as soon as they get a chance. We have lost too many lives to keep doing that.
The pResident screwed up when he pulled our forces out of Iraq. Now it is going to cost more lives to straighten out this mess. For some its tempting to say screw it, and let them have it. The problem is, oil. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are dependent on the stuff. Even the envirofriendly Prius, pronounce pre-ass, relies on plastics to achieve it performance. And BTW, a H1 Hummer has less enviromental impact than the batteries of the ecotards favorite ride, unless they opt for a bike.
ISIS is a distraction in my humble opinion. They have taken our focus off of Iran and their nuclear ambitions. People are also not focusing on Russia and Putin's insanity. Gog and Magog. Watch Out Israel!

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