Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What a Crock

The Wall St cheat sheet published a list of the ten states most dependent on the feral government. Proving that you can make numbers say anything, their list includes Arizona, New Mexico, West Virgina, and Alabama. Their compilation covers every thing from South Dakota's Military bases and hand outs to the Indians, to the costs of failing to maintain the border in Arizona.
Yes, Arizona has a lot of federal lands, as do many western states, but does that really make the state dependent? maybe the government should divest itself of those properties, sell to private individuals who are U.S. citizens, and pay down the debt.
Federal dependency is real, but those are not the measure of it. rather the number of people who collect a check for nothing is the true measure. Start with California, their congress critters alone will keep them at the top of the list. Next examine Michigan where Detoilet now houses thousands of imported Terrorists in waiting from The Carbombistan regions of hell. Same for Chiraq, except theirs are lazy scum from the southern states.
RONA, return on net investment is the key. Are people receiving a pay check or a hand out? There is a huge difference. With out the federal bribe system, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, and most of southern California would turn into one huge riot. Now  that's dependence.

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