Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why be afraid?

Race hustler and professional grievance claimant Cornell Brooks asked "why be afraid" as his merry band marched from Ferguson Missouri, to the capital at Jefferson. I'll tell you.
St Swisher Sweets was killed for the content of his character, not the color of his skin. He shoplifted from a convenience store, strong armed the clerk, then assaulted a uniformed law enforcement officer. Had he been white, the result would have been the same.
You are wanting us to believe it was the color of his skin, because of the content of your character. How can the citizens of Rosebud, or of any town in America, be unafraid when your merry band of thugs may well contain people who participated in the riots and looting that happened after the grand jury arrived at the correct decision?
You claim that there was a man dressed in a KKK clown suit along your route. Did anybody shoot video? with all the Obama phones in the parade, I'm sure some one got a selfie with him in the back ground. All those racial slurs? I'd like to see some evidence.
What did they shout? Get a job? Put your hands down and get to work?
I am not racist, I do not hate you for the color of your skin. Mine is nearly as dark, and in the summer, often darker. I despise you for your laziness. I have worked almost every day since I turned fifteen. Prior to that, I did chores on the family farm. My vacations are few because I am self employed. I am tired of "your people" being loud and obnoxious near where I work. I am tied of them partying in the street, blocking traffic, and being rude to those of us who hold the jobs that pay the taxes that the government gives to lazy breeders who mother children with out fathers, who turn into the Michael Browns of the world.
You say that the lives of black men matter, yet where are you when 500 of them were killed in Chiraq in 2012? How many died this year in senseless gang violence that is the result of the failed polices the proposed termination of which you call racist? Why didn't you march from Chicago to Springfield?
People say that NAACP stands for Niggers Are Actually Colored Polacks. I don't like that. I'm part Polish, and we are better than that. You don't see Polish mothers raising kids in homes without fathers. yes, many Polish moms are divorced, but their children are supported by the fathers, not Uncle Sam. How many of those families have six kids by five different fathers? Not very many unless the fathers are black!
People often joke, "I have nothing against blacks, Matter of fact, I'd like to own a few." Its a bad joke, its mean, not to mention the fact that it would be like owning a milk cow with mastitis in all four udders. Totally worthless. Give me an Italian, Irishman, or German, someone with a work ethic.
Slavery would have ended with out a (un)Civil war because of those people. They were poor, hard working, and when they came to America, they brought that ethic with them. Northern industry thrived on their backs. It would have been only a few generations, and those people would have flocked to the southern plantations. Warmer climate, cleaner air, out door rather then in a stuffy factory. The big pluses would have been no need for guards to keep them in the fields, no need to house and feed them, and if one ran away, there would have been a dozen lined up to take his spot.
I don't want to see a return to slavery, and I am tired of hearing about it. My grandmother's uncle was fresh off the boat from Europe when he was drafted to fight to free your ancestors asses which by the way were enslaved by others of your ancestors at the command of arab mooslimes. If anything, the southern plantation owners saved them. What would have been their fate had they not been sold as slaves? Remember, the first slaves where white Europeans who were endentured to pay their debts. No bankruptcy back then. Most of the black slaves were captured in the many tribal and religious wars that still rage on the dark continent. Many of them were sent to Arabia as slaves, but the ones who were big and muscular, those who showed fighting spirit, were considered a threat. For many decades, they were butchered for sport. Did that make slavery right? No, it did not. This is not a perfect world. In a perfect world, there would have been no islam spreading their false religion by the sword. Should the blacks have been left in Africa to die then? Again, no. Those who were brought here should have been given their freedom, but should have still been required to reimburse the people who bought them from their enslavers.
Every one of those people is long dead. Its time to live in the here and now. No one owes you a damn thing, and its time you quit trying to collect. Get a job,support your children, both financially, and morally. Become productive members of society, and quit leaching off that part of America that works hard and pays taxes.
As long as black America continues to act like thugs, we will continue to fear you. When was the last time a mob of Polacks rioted and burned down their town? Or Italians?  I can't remember it ever happening. Blacks have rioted and carried on for my entire life! The Watts riots, the Rodney King riots, the St Skittles riots, and now for a robber and thug Whom you have enshrined.
Long die St Swisher Sweets, and may his followers soon join him.

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cannon said...

WTF is wrong with "you ppeople"???
you riot and protest police brutality..who dothe police answer too??? the mayor of course.
and in the cities and states with the biggest "police brutality" problems...St Louis, Chicago...NYC..L.A. the mayors are all DEMOCRATS...democrats you people" voted for,and will keep voting for.
wake up...white people are not your enemy...liberal progressives of any color are.