Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Great uniter, my ass

Obambi was supposed to be the great uniter. He was supposed to bring this country to a post racial era. What have we got? Race baiting after race baiting. Dear reader has created the seeds that wrought Ferguson.
He didn't do it alone though. He couldn't do it alone. Hell, he can't do anything with out the hand holding his strings making him move( or is that hand up his ass?). It took all the efforts of Nancy P Lousy, Dingy Harry, Tom Trashole, Swimmer, and every other elected communist to get us to this sad day. He is the ultimate wet dream of the racists who run the democrat party, an afirmative action figure head, a bozo that is so incompetent, that people will not look at black candidates the same way again.
Saint Swisher Sweet's death did not happen in a vacuum. He is the product of the culture designed by the leftists who claim to be uniters while forcing every one into a small niche group. He grew up in a broken home. One likely engineered by communist pogroms ie, welfare. What kind of role models did he have? How often did he see his real dad? what kind of example was he able to be?
A child should be raised in a home with a father and mother. each parent has separate and distinct roles to fulfill. Neither is easily replaced. The welfare state, created by LBJ and the democrats, destroyed families. fathers were removed from the home. The first generation of kids fared fairly well. Dad was usually still close by. often he spent a lot of time in the house unless the welfare office found out and threatened mom with a loss of"benefits". Gen two fared a bit worse. The kids still had a male figure, but often it was grandpa or great grandpa and he was seventy or better. The break down of the family also brought a break down in discipline. The lack of discipline means several problems. First, increased crime, 2% of America account for 50% of the homicides. Second, it meant decline in schools. Mom is on easy street. She gets her money every month from Unka Sugar and often she is a high school drop out. What incentive is there in that for junior to get an education? What incentive is there for mom to make him? Most of the males who crawl out of that hell hole of a box do so because of athletics. Thus the spiral continues.
We have lost multiple generations because of liberalism. Because so many black are getting in trouble because of failed liberal ideas, it is now racist to punish criminals.
That brings us right back to Ferguson and St Swisher Sweets. He is probably the only black in town to get justice for his crimes in the last ten years. According to a news report I heard on the radio Sunday night, 31 blacks have been shot by police in St Louis County in the last ten years. 21 of those by non black officers, ten by black officers. in the same ten years, 1200 homicides took place in St Louis County. Approximately 90% of them were black on black crime. This from a group that comprises only only 2% of the population of the nation, black males ages 16 to 35.
That group is angry. Content people don't go out and slaughter their neighbors. They don't go polar bear hunting, and they don't riot when one of them is brought to justice.
Whites are over their racism. At least they were in 2008. Blacks? Not so much. If anything, the election of Obozo has made them angrier. They are not getting the results they wanted, and they are blaming his failures on white America.
Partly, they are right. We never should have elected such an unqualified unparalleled idiot. There are plenty of blacks who are eminently qualified to lead this country. Deer reader isn't one of them. Neither is the guy who has his hand up Barry's ass. Thanks liberals. Whats your encore gonna be? The worst woman possible to lead? can you find one worse than Hillary? Oblowme is gonna be a tough act to follow. Rock bottom has been surpassed.

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