Saturday, July 18, 2015

Disgraceful? Maybe. Spot on? Yup

John McInsane has been living on his war record as much as John Forgery Kerry. Yes, both of them served in Vietnam. So did 2.7 million other men and women. I respect McCains service, but that is the only thing about him I respect. Flipper, not so much. Respected and hero are two different things though, and John boy put himself even further away from any consideration when he characterized the fine folks in Arizona who attended a Trump Rally as "crazies". Sorry Johnny, that moves you into the column of fucktard as far as I am concerned.
Donnald Trump rose a huge notch in my book when he put the Hemorrhoid with ears in his place by clearly stating that he does not consider the RINO as a hero. So what has he done to warrant hero status? To paraphrase what George C Scott said in his impersonation of Patton, "No son of a bitch ever gained a damned thing by getting shot down for his country. Instead, you gain something by shooting the other sumbitch down for HIS country."
If 1981 marked the end of the History of John McCain, I might be more impressed with him. Since being elected to the Senate in 1986 he has been a stalwart liberal claiming status as a Republican.
He was defeated for the republican nomination in 2000 by George W Bush, a liberal spender who had the sense to run as a conservative even though he is not. At least not from a fiscal standpoint.
John got a do over in 2008 where he got his liberal ass handed to him by the liberal who ran as a conservative. Did anybody seriously think Oblowme was a fiscal conservative? Well, we didn't know much about Barry, but we knew a ton about McInsane, and what we knew we did not like. I held my nose and voted for Him, but it still sucked. The only reason I did was because he chose Palin for the VP slot.
The Republican field got a lot narrower today. Only Ted Cruz did not jump on the band wagon bashing Trump. I guess my field is down top two.
Oh, and Donald, McCain did not finish last at Annapolis. 894 of 899 is not last, though I would hate to see what the bottom five turned out to be.

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Spartacus said...

I don't have a problem with McCain's war service, my problem is with his public service. He was elected to do the work of his constituents, not work on his, his daughters, or his financial backers personal objectives. I've heard enough smart assery out of McCain and as far as that goes the GOP regulars, I don't have a problem with McCain being called names over his military history. If he want's to be treated honorably he should fulfill his obligations to his constituents honorably as opposed to assisting the GOP with floating their balloon by calling the people that voted for him names, but OTOH, maybe they are crazy for voting for the senile old bastard in the first place.