Saturday, September 19, 2015

Candidate Rankings

This is how I feel about the lessers we have running for high office.
My ranking of them will likely change as the months roll on to election 2016. For now, in order:
1. Ted Cruz
2.Ben Carson
3. Scott Walker
4. Donald Trump
5. Rick Santorum
6. Rand Paul
7. John Kasich
8. Krispy Kreme
9. Mike Huckabee
10. Jim Gilmore
11.Bobby Jindal
12. Marko Rubio
13. George Pataki
14. Carly Fiorino
15. Lindsay Gramnasty 
16. Jim Webb
17. Lincoln Chaffee
18. Martin OMally
19. Bernie Sanders
20. Hillary Clinton
21. Joe the puppet
Rick Perry bowed out of the race and his gazillionaire backers are demanding their money back. Trump has moved up exponentially in my book, and while it does not show, he is still at 4, I am seeing a lot more to like in him. The Communist Noise and Nuttery debate was essentially ten candidates and three moderators piling on Trump. He walked onto the stage knowing full well he had little to gain and every thing to lose. He knew he had a target the size of Alaska painted on his back and they were gonna throw everything from spit wads a junior high kid could come up with to nuclear weapons grade BS. He fielded them like Roger Marris, knocking a few out of the park, some into left field, but none snuck by him. I saw him as the winner, Carson at #2. FiretheRINO? Meh.
At this point I am not opposed to Trump, I expect he will be the Republican pick and in all likelihood our next President. Rove has yet to unleash his attacks. Rove is all in for the parasite Jebito and will stop at nothing to keep a grass roots candidate from upsetting the establishment cart.
I still favor Cruz, the good doctor, and Walker. I feel each would have a place in a Trump Presidency, and also hope that in the off hand chance one of them surges ahead that they will work together for a better America, one without the Rovian establishment GOPe any where near the White House.
If any of this pack remain, my vote will be cast based on the survivors positions. If all of the above are eliminated, I still will not vote for:

Jeb Bush

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