Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Let me begin by saying thank you to all the vets. Especially though, let me say thank you to the families of the vets for whom this day is dedicated. Millions of men and women have served in the United States Military. Some of them made the supreme sacrifice. They gave up their future, their family, wives children, parents and siblings so we could remain a free nation.
It is with sadness that I see the Social Justice Whores use our rights against us. If that does not smack of Hitler and nazi Germany, I don't know what does. Oh, Goodwins law? Screw you! These SJW's, funded by former nazi henchman George Soros are cut from the same woven shit as Hitler's SA.
Yes, I meant whores. Don't call these scum Warriors, it demeans the word. A warrior has skills, and is prepared to fight to defend his family, his nation and his faith. These assholes fight for Black Lies so that families of criminals can strike it rich when their precious baby gets brought to justice the hard way. They fight for people who are too stupid to understand that if you have a "Y" chromosome, you are a male and if you have two "X" chromosomes you are a female. There is no other choice. If you get it chopped off, what does that say? People in ancient courts did it all the time. Think of the dynasties of China, Eunichs served the emperor.
In my book, if you get it removed, or inverted, you are still a male. I won't call you a man, you are too chickenshit for that title. The same applies to women who undergo surgery to look like men.
The upside is that people who do that have successfully removed themselves from the gene pool. Unless they had kids before they went stoopid. With that in mind, how is it we have any liberals?
Whore is a better description, they have sold themselves for a price, and along with that, their dignity.
They then become available to the next bidder for an ever cheaper price.
When you visit the graves tomorrow, consider the sacrifices they made. Then consider what has become of our nation. I feel for our soldiers today. Please, let us work to restore our nation. Preserving it is not the answer. After you preserve a corpse, you still stick it in a hole and cover it. We need to breathe new life into this country and turn it from this path of utter destruction.

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