Saturday, July 23, 2016

I thought she'd pick Crud

HiLIARy's selection of Tim Kaine is the news of the week end. He is about as exciting as Army coffee... Decaf Army coffee. Even mega rabble rouser Michael Moron tweeted that Kaine would add zero votes to her ticket. Lose Mike, and you lose half of Michigan (by weight).
Still, after the way BusTED flounced at the RNC, I thought they had worked out some sort of deal. All his followers would likely also jump ship. OK, follower, singular.
What of the grand mess the Clinton cartel has created? When Trump wins, what becomes of that? Right now she is caught up in so many scandals it is mind numbing. Will Barry pardon her? If he does, will it mean a dang thing? She is a co-conspirator with him in many of these shady dealings, and if he is as involved as I believe, a pardon would be worthless.
Maybe he will let her swing in the wind. It is said they are not friends by any stretch of the imagination. That would be grand if he indited her in the last weeks of his presidency.
That might be the plan though, if she wins, send her off to jail and just continue running the show and Constitution be damned. Big if, I know.
Oh well, Kaine tied himself to one heck of an anchor. Enjoy the swim, that city pool is something else.

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