Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kinda amusing

The communists have spent most of the last four years getting ready for the piap's coronation. The program was supposed to be her against Beauregard the Wonder Frog Bush. She was supposed to start on her quest to thoroughly crush him, but that plan got foiled.
It has been more than 240 days since her royal lieness held a press conference. Why? The press is all in for her, they are the propaganda arm of the communist party. We have not had an independent press for at least fifteen years. Almost every station is owned by one of the mighty business conglomerates who want globalism. This is the build up to Rollerball, the end of nations, and the rise of corporate empires. I'm thinking of the James Caan version btw, have not seen the remake.

1975 is a long way off. So is 1984. Were it not for the warnings, maybe they would have succeeded by now.

Will HiLIARy go through with all the scheduled debates? Would love to see off script comments directed at her about her abuse of national security, mishandling of state secrets, and general disregard for human lives. Will she do a presser? I'm betting not. If one happens, it will be so scripted and controlled that it will be meaningless.

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