Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More of the oh so tolerant left

A fast food worker in Columbus Mississippi is unemployed after pulling menstrual blood and saliva on a drive through customer's cheese burger. A co-worker of the skank then reported it to her mother who posted it on farcebook.
That is what you will get from the Social Justice Whore story, there is much more. The co-worker's mother reported it to the store who responded by firing the whistleblower. That is when her mom posted it to facebook and people sat up and noticed. Jack's attempted to cover it up by the appearance of things.
Why do I blame the left? The perp in this case is a single black 18 year old mother, Sky Samuel. very few conservatives would dare act like this. Leftards don't understand this, they have no shame so cannot comprehend the values.
I can't tell you thing one about her victim, information on her has not been released. This could be a racial crime, but I don't know. Chances are the victim is also black and democrat. Lets face facts, most victims of democrats are democrats. Conservatives are often armed, and fight back. Cowards like easy soft targets.

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