Friday, September 25, 2020

The Pot calling the kettle black

 Video has emerged of creepy Joe calling our soldiers stupid bastards during a speech he gave. wasn't it just a few weeks ago that the donks were claiming that President Trump called our fallen losers?

This has long been a familiar pattern, the democrats accuse a republican of being guilty of the very crime they committed. I'm sick of it, we all should be. 

The democrats are the party that brought us the covid lockdown scare. They blame President Trump. Is covid a dangerous virus? It certainly is if you belong to a demographic which is at risk. It is less dangerous than the flu, and while we know that it was created in a lab in China as most of us have long suspected, it is not the virus that will wipe out humanity

The dems brought us the riots and crime following George Floyd's overdose death. They blame conservatives, yet clearly they are the ones who called on people to march in the streets and were praising the rioters only a couple months ago calling them "mostly peaceful protesters".

Remember Smolett? he falsely claimed he as assaulted by two white men in MAGA hats... In Chicago... late at night. Next he will be telling us about his alien abduction and how they forced him to mate with a sixteen headed creature with ten assholes and they gave him mind altering drugs... Sure.

Of course we can't forget them attempting to impeach our President for committing NO CRIME.

keep these things in mind. just not for the next couple of months, remember them in 2024 when President Trump is not eligible for another term. Remember that when the primaries begin and we are deciding who to pick for our candidate while they pick the next communist pawn intent on subjugating us to red China. Communist red China. The red China that keeps it's thumb on the poor people of North Korea. The same China that enslaves millions forcing them to manufacture goods which wall Street merchants peddle to us.

Whomever they put forth may not say it, but you can be assured that they will attack Donald John Trump in ways we cannot imagine. In standing up to them he is sacrificing his life and possibly the lives of his children. Keep all this evil in mind in 2024. For that matter, remember it in ever election until the day you die.

The pot calling the kettle black? In reality, this is closer to being Biblical, they are calling good evil and evil good. GOD, help us. We need ten thousand angels watching over us tonight.

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