Friday, September 11, 2020

Where were you?

 It does not seem like nineteen years. It seems like only yesterday, a few months at most have passed since terror came to our shores in the form of jihadists flying planes into buildings.

I was at work on 9-11-01. It was not my regular day, rather they asked me to work a special shift, so there I was. My kids were in school, and I was supposed to have them that afternoon. I had to run in to the office for something, and when I walked in, they had radios turned on. Unusual for the company, actually unheard of. The head engineer had a small television going when I went to his office, and there on the screen was the smoking image of the towers. I don't think he heard a word I said. Rest assured, they were very few. 

I only stayed a few minutes, then I darted out and called a friend who wasn't working and got information from him. Reports were inaccurate at that time, One report said 5,000 dead, and the towers had yet to collapse.

Most of the day was a swirl. I couldn't loiter in the office, I had equipment to maintain, and if America was going to war, every bit of the material we produced would be essential for the effort. I think every one of my coworkers had it on their mind. 

One of the guys from night shift who was on over time was in the Army reserve, and had just gotten promoted to Major. When he left at eleven, he came up, shook my hand and said, "I'll see you when the war is over." He was among the first dropped in to Afghanistan to join with the Northern Alliance. He remained in theater until Osama bin Laden was killed.

when I finally got off and went to get my kids, I was struck by all the gas stations who had jacked the prices, and were out of fuel. The few stations that had gas had lines for blocks. I was in good shape though. I was driving a 1985 Ford one ton. It had duel tanks, and I had topped them off he night before.

When I headed home with my boys, I was anxious to get to the television and find out news, any news. There was a gas station by my apartment. It was six miles from town.The line waiting for their pumps stretched over a mile. Later I found out that he was the only station in the area that did not raise prices. 

As I said, I lived in an apartment in the country. There were nine units in the complex. when I walked in to my apartment, one of my neighbors was on my couch and glued to my set. Yes, I was cool with that, he had a key, and often used my computer to access the net. He was a college student, older, and broke.

He was crying his eyes out. Brian was from New York. He'd lived there up to the day he came to Kansas for school. More importantly, his brother worked at the WTC. Brian had recorded the events, and he now played them back so I could see. He paused the recording right before the second plane hit. He then showed me exactly where his brother worked. hen the recording resumed, that plane hit right where Brian had just pointed to. His pain, his devastation was real.

Some where in there , another neighbor knocked on my door. He offered to take my truck to the station and fill it with fuel. We had no idea when or if we'd be buying gas again. I was happy to tell him my tank was full.

Brian burned up his minutes trying to call his father and also his brother in the hope that he some how survived. When that happened, he switched to my land line phone.

A side note, two days later we found out that Brian's brother had gotten a promotion the week before, and was at a different location and not even near the towers that day. with all that happened on 9-11 though, communication in to and out of New York City was a mess.

I don't remember having supper that night. Brian stayed most of the night on my couch watching and praying.

The next few days were beyond strange. To look into the sky and not see a vapor trail was eerie. Knowing that adherents of islam had done this angered me. Servants of Satan, that is what they are. There is no god named Allah. Mohamed was a pedophile. This sex cult of liars and murderers will continue to be a thorn in our nation. 

Some say the muslims need a reformation like the Christian church underwent. Sorry, that doesn't work. The Christian reformation happened because church leaders strayed from the Bible. The murderers who attacked us were following the satanic verses to the letter.

Speaking of the Bible, Israel is now making peace with many of the islamic nations. Watch out. Peace and prosperity are only a cloak from under which Satan will attack and try to wipe out Israel. No, that is not my prediction, that is what the Bible says. Now is the time we all must be vigilant.

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