Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New churches springing up all over.

While I was traveling over the weekend, I caught a little gem, twenty new denominations spring up every week among evangelical Christians. Its useless data, just something that stuck from an hour long show. In fact, I think it came from a comercial.
Today, via Don Surber, we learn that Amish are exempted from the hell scare take over abomination. There are over thirty branches of the Anabaptists and Mennonites of which the Amish are only a small part. The Amish have split several times, and their commitment to simple living and avoidance of many earthly pleasures is well known.
Its time for a Reformed Amish Church. One that embraces the best parts of Amish Society, shunning of government practices like Social Security, with a realization that GOD's gifts of advancement are truly gifts which he intended for our betterment.
Heck, what is there to lose? We agree to not accept social suckery and in exchange are exempted from Obambi care.
As transitional Sr. deacon of this new order, I welcome one and all. Church elections will be scheduled once we have three members, and a permanent Deacon selected.

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