Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Justice DENIED

the moonbat court of criminal assistance has denied the family of Susan Jordan of Riverside County, justice. Albert Brown should have been room temperature 29 years ago! He Raped and murdered her in 1980. What is WRONG with California? Sure its the ninth Circus, But these idiots are crapped out of the west coast legal system.
The issue of lethal injection was settled by the supreme court in 2008. We the people need to hammer home to these injustices that actions like those today will not be tolerated. We need to start a call in campaign EVERY TIME a scum bag gets a reprieve, and demand that our representatives impeach the unjust judge for accessory after the fact, and aiding and abetting a felon. Some how we need to get it through their pin heads what A-N-D means. The dipshits do not have a clue.

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