Sunday, August 21, 2011

A groaner

Seems the CIA needed more folks in Afghanistan, so they decided to recruit from the Army units already on the ground. After a bit of research, they narrowed it down to three candidates all from the same unit. they were a Platoon Leader, the First Sergeant, and the Unit Commander.
All three were transported to Germany for interviews, and as part of hte cover, their wives were flown in from the states.
At some point, a CIA specialist approached the 2LT and told him that his wife was compromising the unit. She was being detained in an interogation room, and that out of loyalty to his troops, and to save their lives, he needed to kill her. The Lt looked at the gun offered by the CIA man, looked through teh two way mirror at his wife, then broke into tears, and said he was sorry, but he could not do it. He would resign his comission rather then harm her.
Next up was the Captain. When offered the gun, he took it, went into hte room, and after about twenty minutes came out in tears and said, I lover her too much, She has been a faithful wife to me for ten yers, your intel must be wrong.
Last up was the 1SG. He took the gun and went into the room. After about a half hour, he emerged, covered in blood and said "some stupid SOB loaded this thing with blanks, so I beat the traitorous bitch to death with it instead."

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