Saturday, November 22, 2014

Does it matter?

The IRS has "found" thousands of Lois Lerner"s E-mails. She has retired. her future is secure unless they can get enough for a criminal conviction, in which case Oblowme will pardon her.
She served her purpose, she did enough to throw the 2012 election, and that is all the communists wanted, to keep le Incompetent in the oval office for four more years.
They kept it under wraps until now for fear it would alter the results of the elections. It might have made a difference in a few races, but I think the results would be just about what they are now. Commiefornia is a lock for them as is the north east. For the rest of the world, communism is no longer trendy. Maybe one or two senate races might have changes, but we all know that in two years, it will be old news. The communist infiltration of the democrats will not destroy the party. Yes, sensible folks will jump ship, but they will climb back on what ever piece of BS the dems trot out next. Even if the democrat party folded, communism would rear its head again. We would not be a one party nation. The best that would happen is that libertarians would split from commie lite, and the hapless wanderers would take it over just as they did the demoncraps. Moderate conservatives would bail to the libertarian party, and we would be back where we started but with different names.
Gruber is right, There are a lot of really stupid voters out there. 53% to be precise in 2012. I doubt the numbers actually changed much, most likely they sat home in November. I blame our modern, democrat crafted and controlled education system, the same one that created an ass like Gruber.

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Wraith said...

Dude, we ALREADY ARE a one-party nation. The GOP simply exists to give us enough false hope to keep us from busting open the gun cabinet with intent.