Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thanks Joe

It was almost too late, but the gaff master let the cat out of the bag about Greg Orman. The midcontinent communists were banking on Roberts' unpopularity to slide the manwhore in. The Kansas race this year has been all about Roberts rather than Oblowme. It started out with the long time republican being primaried by a tea party conservative. After squeaking out a victory there, Roberts found himself in a three way race along with communist nominee Chad Taylor. Taylor quickly bowed out, and it was a two way race with Orman never answering questions about where he stood on issues.
As late as Sunday, a lot of conservatives were talking about how an Orman win would spell the end of Bitch McConnell's rein as leader of the commie lite spendaholics party, aka republicans because Orman would not caucus with him as leader. Then along came Joe, and pulled his head out of his ass long enough to get a foot in his mouth, and the truth was out! A lot of us folks knew that Greg was a blood red commie to the depth of his soul. He had first run as a demoncrap, then made another try on a republican ticket. When he talked about his ideas and ideals though, it was clear that he was still a communist, and would all but caucus with them. A rino to the max, one that would make the worst rino seem like a conservative.
The problem was, not every one believed that. I saw Orman stickers on many conservatives vehicles, and when I tried to warn them, the anti Roberts schtick was up front. I don't like Roberts, I want a true conservative to represent Kansas, not some guy who bows down to the establishment masters who want the republicans to be democrat lite instead of true conservatives. I'll take a moderate over a commie any day though.
Thanks Joe, with out you, Kansas might have an Obozo butt kisser in Washington for the next six years.