Friday, November 14, 2014

The war on women continues

A link at Fox news caught my eye, What are the worst states for working women? On Fox? Seriously? I guess being fair and balanced means you have to have a few unhinged loonies allowed in.
Equal pay for equal work has been the law for almost all of my life! How is it that companies are getting away with this? They aren't, you know it and I know it. It takes a special kind of stupid to think that is the case. The liberals progressives, rat bastard commies,won't be happy until every one, but them, is paid the same wage for every job. It doesn't matter if its waitress, or brain surgeon, every one but them should be paid equally.
Take a look at their numbers, Kansas and Alabama have the same gender wage gap, 79 cents, but one is ranked 25th best, the other 12th worst. Then we have lowly Wyoming, second worst, but their wage gap is only 69 cents! What the Heck are they smoking?
I believe in equal pay for equal work. Most companies pay workers the same regardless of gender as long as they meet production quotas. Yes, there are variations in the average pay for men and women in most states. The fact of the matter is there are some jobs the average woman cannot do. They simply are not physically capable of doing them with out risk of serious injury or death, and they would have to be dumber than a box of hammers to want to get into those fields. By the way, in many cases, the men who do those jobs make hammers look brilliant.
In contrast, there are some jobs that are better suited for women. No, not waitresses, Strippers is another story though. It has been my personal experience that women provide better medical care. Certainly in certain fields of surgery, women with their smaller hands have a distinct advantage.
As for the poverty rate among women, that is a decision they make. Instead of getting an education and a good job, they opt for alcohol, drugs, drop out of school, or get pregnant with a loser for a sperm donor. Personal choices, they do have consequences. As Denny is fond of saying, Get an education, get a job, and wait to have kids until you are settled.
So ladies, I feel for you. Growing up poor sucks. I know. I chose not to stay poor. You can do it too. No one owes you a damn thing.
Nothing is going to eliminate the gaps in pay. Low pay jobs will always exist. Jobs with high risk merit high reward. Jobs that demand greater skills will always get greater returns. If we paid the workers at Burger King the same as we pay the ones in the mine, well, the mine will not have many workers, and soon we all will be with out power.
OK, now I understand what liberals really want.

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