Sunday, October 30, 2016

More BS than usual

Since Illary can't muster the strength to go to Cincinnati and campaign, the Democrat office in Warren County had a few ton of her rhetoric delivered. Local shrew Bethe Goldenfield is blaming the republicans, but the county is solidly Republican, and they would see no need to pull a stunt like that. Add in the fact that it has happened before, and the smell becomes under whelming. The democrats have a small play book, and when the tricks repeat cycle after cycle, it tends to be false flags and desperation. Just look at how HiLlARy is constantly blaming the Russians and a vast right wing conspiracy. Heck, she is even trying to hang her attacks on Barry known as the birther movement on Trump.
In this day and age, the chances of a person pulling something like this and not having it recorded on a camera some where are smaller than Jill Steins chances of getting elected. Will we hear the last of this? or will it be swept under the rug?
Besides, I can't see a republican wasting fertilized like that.

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