Monday, October 10, 2016

Unchained and unchanged

The debate last night was mind blowing. The punditry, the media talking heads and the Washington uniparty establishment all bailed on Trump after the revelations about his locker room talk. Stuff that while bad for a Christian man to say, is soft stuff compared to the verbal sewage that comes out of the HiLlARy camp.
Trump won the nomination not because of the political class, but in spite of them. Yes, we the people are fed up to our eye brows with the politicians especially those who claim to be republicans but act like communists once they get inside the beltway. As soon as he was the clear winner, they all clambered on board. From Mittens to Rancid, they endorsed Trump. Those endorsements came with a price though, control. They started putting their two cents in the pot. Or more correctly, the loaded all their baggage on the Trump train.
That changed with Billy Bushes leak of a tape made nearly a dozen years ago. And thank GOD for that! Republican political scum are now on notice. Trump is coming to town to clean House and Senate.
You can bet your bottom dollar that they will do every thing in their power to stop him. The uniparty will stop at nothing. If they can't impeach him, they will assassinate him, or try. The uniparty has shown their hand. Now it is up to We the People to put a stop to them.
We are in a political cold war. It is not democrat vs republican, it is nationalist vs globalist. The globalists are bent on destroying America. That is why no budget. That is why the various bailouts of the Bush era are repeated year after year and the money squandered. Who has controlled the purse for the last six? Republicans. Who has done nothing to rein in Barry Soetoro? Republicans. Ask your self why. There is only one answer, we have been betrayed by our elected representatives, the courts and president.
Decide what you are going to do, fight or surrender. Standing idly by is surrender. We are not at the point of arms, do not interpret this as a call to arms or a demand for murder. Organize and prepare. Be ready to stand arm in arm with your neighbor and tell Washington we want our country back, if you want socialism, move to Cuba.


cannon said...

who cares what trump said in 2005...he was a democrat this point, what difference does it make???

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