Saturday, October 22, 2016

This may not end well

I am all in for Trump, there is no doubt about it. He may have said the wrong thing though. Looking back to the second debate, during remarks by the hildabeast, Trump quipped, "You'd be in jail", to the bitch of Benghazi. Those words have bothered me since he said them.
Don't get me wrong, I am in full agreement as are a huge number of Americans who Vote! Video of that moment is all over the intertubes, and people love the heck out of it. The problem there is that it put Barry Soetoro and George Soros on official notice. Barry knew full well about HiLlARy's private server and all the risks that go with tit. They didn't care in 2008 when he anointed her official bribe recipient and they didn't care in 2013 when she slithered aside and John Forgery Ketchup began hos intercontinental bumbling. They didn't care if Russia, Iran, or ISIS got into her server because destroying the United States is their ultimate goal.
They care now because legitimate polling and rally attendance shows that Trump is likely to win in a land slide, and they might not have enough fraudulent votes set up to "fix" it. Barry is not going to hand over the reins easily. He is a beta male, but he is also power hungry, and Soros wants his one world government ASAP.
Barry has made noise about not accepting results that don't compare to the Polls, but we all know the polls a are fixed, and the wikileaks dumps have shown a lot of light on the illegality happening in the executive branch as well as the media collusion. It will be hard for him to hold on to the reins of power in our current climate. an attempt to do so would result in a march on Washington and tar feathers and a rail out of town.
The fighting in Syria has resulted in a lot of head butting between Barry and the Kremlin. Don't rule out a strike against Moscow by the SCoaMF. If he can figure a way to survive a retaliation and keep power, he would do it rather than face prison and eventual deportation once every thing is done. Assuming he does not get a death sentence.
The maneuvering the last few years has also primed us for a civil war. The Socialist Just ASS crowd that supports Barry, and by extension Illary would fight in the streets to help her. Hell, they fight in the streets over a nickel, and value life less than George "Killer" Tiller did. They mat be small in number, but they have government assistance in organizing, and most likely government provided weapons.
Barry has also imported a huge number of islamists who value life less, if it is possible, than the leftards do. The constitute a 100,000 strong army of splodydopes who are so desperate for pussy they are willing to die for a chance at some.
Are we screwed or what? It's time to get our shit together. Don't expect fire works at one minute after midnight on November 9th, although it is possible, expect it to happen at a moment in time when it would be least expected, and hardest to defend from. November through January bring a lot of holiday events and celebration. Watch your step in any crowd. If as HiLlARy says, our nukes can fly in four minutes, that means you have about eight to protect your ass from the moment the Indonesian realizes his ass is grass and Trump has a greens mower with his name on it. Bath house Barry might want to be careful on the links.

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