Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I don't buy any of it

With Susan Rice's revelations many folks are filling in blanks about Obamagate,  the spying on Trump and attempts to influence the election in favor of the Hildabeast. My gut is that we are only getting admissions to information we already know, given in a way meant to misdirect us as to the true depth and intent of the Obama White House.
Unmasking is a common thing. A wire tap served under a warrant reveals information leading to a possible witness, coactor, or even a victim. Say, for instance, the FBI is monitoring a known drug kingpin in Mexico. He gets a call from some one in the United States who is a citizen and thus masked, but the conversation revolves around a problem being taken care of, and we'll have answers in a few days. Not sure who the caller is, the FBI requests that the name be unmasked, and determine it is a guy in Kansas with no previous ties. They stake out his house, and observe that there is quite a bit of activity in a back building. A directional mike picks up muffled sounds of possible torture, and soon several vehicles depart the area. They stop them and bring in a dog which alerts on one of the vehicles, search it, and find the body of a former snitch who disappeared just prior to the recorded call.
What does that mean? If the NSA was monitoring the Russian embassy and recorded a phone call from an unknown and it contained no violations of law or indications of violations, there would be no cause to unmask. We know that Barry's actors sought and received a warrant to monitor the Trump campaign and transition team. This was no unmasking of an unknown American official, this was deliberate. This was not about national security, this was pure political partisan action. If you think the alphabet agencies are nonpartisan, think again. Every one of these people knew what was at stake as far as their personal asses were concerned. Hillary equals expanding rolls and more power, Trump means cut backs to Constitutional levels and no playing games. This is not the same as a prosecuting attorney in Florida deciding not to prosecute his Alma maters star Quarterback for rape because he might win the Heisman and lead the team to a national championship. We all know that story, don't we? This is a thousand times more serious.
Right now they are spinning tall tales and the media is helping them with the story. Again, look at the actors involved. Accessories after the fact, and the crime here is treason. The media lie??? They have been liars all my life. Cronkite told us Vietnam was not winnable when victory was in our hands. We were foolish enough to believe it, and millions of people in South East Asia suffered horribly as a result.
We are the last bastion of freedom in the world. Trump is out best hope. When we fall, there is no place left to run. And yes, eventually we will fall. Barry tried to take us over the edge. With Hillary's help, he almost succeeded. The 2010 election slowed the charge, and they switched strategies. They did not give up when Trump won. Remember, you haven't lost until you quit trying, and they have not quit trying. One world government is their goal. They want the apocalypse of the Bible, and they think they will win. After that, GOD,help us.

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