Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Drip drip drip

You could almost take a shower in this garbage. Of course, you'd need a good shower after, but that is not the point.
Today it was revealed that much of the information contained in the "unmasked" documents was mundane things about their every day ordinary lives. Clearly, we are not talking about unmasked incidental phone calls, this clearly is targeting. Susan may take the fall, but it was operatives with in the White House, and the manipulators of Barry who were requesting and receiving detailed information to sift looking for dirt on President Trump and his campaign staff. While we were awaiting the next batch of Podesta E-mails from wikileaks, they were desperately searching for some dirt ass well. My thoughts on Podesta? He should never have had access to most of the information that was dumped, and he never ever should have had it on an unsecure server.
As to today's revelations, they go a long way in confirming my gut feeling that Susan Rice's interview was a desperate attempt at damage control. By the time this is all done, the depth and breadth of it may astound us all. Watergate will be a nostalgic memory, and people will pine for the days of Nixon.
OK, maybe not that far.
NSA Rogers claimed that only twenty people at the NSA were allowed to approve requests.  OK, I can believe that, now name those twenty people, and lets see if any of them were beyond the control of the Obama White House and could deny a request with out serious fall out, and if any of them were outside of partisan politics and not players in the muck. Most likely they were hacks in the same vein as Lois Lehrner. BTW, when does she get frog marched to a federal prison?

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