Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bidens ever changing message

Biden, in a speach in Philadelphia started off by explaining how he championed the violence against women act, and his "don't blame the victim" approach. As he rambled on in his diatribe, he blamed republicans for the mess this country is in, and in a way, he is right, I'll explain that at the end.
he went on to defend the unions and public workers who are now under attack for their pillaging of taxpayer wallets. he has gone arround the bend to don't blame the culprit.
For years, governments have been growing like a hog with a sewn shut asshole. They consume and consume, get fatter and fatter, demand more and more. With monstrosities like Davis Bacon, we even get civilian contractors to the government acting like government workers. In this area, workers on military and government jobs make nearly double what they would on a private sector job. That is irresponsible. It is ripping off the taxpayers.
So, how are republicans really to blame? Simple, when our elected representatives decided to act like democrats rather than adults, They created a situation where the voters became disgusted and gave the delinquents free reign. Lets get back on track as FISCAL conservatives and stay on track. Then when the liberal looney bins in California and elsewhere need bailed out, just say hell no.

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