Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun time is over in Missouri

Four fiscal hawks are refusing to extend benefits by way of a filibuster that is about to bring funemployment crashing to reality. Too bad, so sad. I feel for the folks who are about to get a reality check, not so much the unemployed as their landlords, and others who have been receiving trickle down from them. Unemployment should be a program of diminishing benefits. It should also be tied to the employee's record. By that I mean each person should have their own account, and what they contribute should be what they get. If a guy stays employed for thirty years, and one day winds up without a job, he should have 100% of the benefits from those years. If on the other hand, he has held a job for less then a year, he should receive substantially less. As it is now, states take excess benefits and funnel them into the state coffers and spend spend spend. Unemployment is a hidden tax that right now is biting the states big time. Privatize it!

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