Friday, March 18, 2011

Not a thing of beauty

Several years ago at an auction, I happened on a box of parts that caught my eye. Buried in among all the various pieces from many types of guns were two AR-15 lowers. One had been altered and ruined by welding, but the other was still in original shape. I got the mess and several other boxes for around $100. This rifle is what arose from those parts, a Rapid Rifle RR-223. The Rapid Rifle was produced by Ohio Rapid Fire in Troy Ohio. It appears they have folded, but at one time, business was booming. They had a variety of weapons running out the door including machine guns and 1919 semis. A google search will turn up a variety of links especially on forums about their work. As you can see, this lower is rough. The upper is a Colt, so don't worry about it. The lower though lacks the fine polish and shine of a Bushmaster or Olympic. That takes nothing away from performance. While this piece has not been lugged through mud and snow, I have given it some what of a work out, and it has performed well.
The scope is a mil spec glass with illuminated reticle. It also has a back up flip sight. The scope is a recent addition, and I have yet to take it to the range for zeroing.
Due to the apparent demise of Rapid Fire, this one will stay in my collection for a good long time.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that if I owned that rifle that every time I looked at that shield shape on the lower my mind would start mulling over what might look good engraved onto that shield.

"In defense of Liberty" springs to mind.

"Armed a free man, disarmed a slave." also has a nice ring to it.

I'll bet you can think of a few more Jeremy.

Thank for sharing the story, I enjoy the site.

-Brad (the same one that comments on Surber)