Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HPV and men

A recently released study says that 1/2 of men in the United States have HPV. Thats a scary thought. I certainly don't have plans to sleep with any men, but the cold hard truth is that when you jump beds as so many men do these days, you might just as well be.
Fifty years ago the big VD threats were syphilis and gonorrhea. One hurt like living hell, the other made you crazy and eventually killed you. When antibiotics corraled these threats and ushered in the sexual revolution, the next pandemic was herpes. Whats the diffrence between herpes and true love? Herpes is FOREVER!
Close on its heels was the AIDS scare. Originally called GRID for gay related imune deficiency, It quickly spread through the heterosexual population as well, killing thousands.
In the midst of all that, warts was identified as well. HPV is the common name for the virus that spreads a variety of maladies from planters warts to skin tags. At first, genital warts was identified as irritating but it would go away in a few years just like the ones on your hands did when you were a kid.
Not So Fast. There are now close to one hundred strains of HPV identified. Condoms offer little protection, and like many viruses it appears to mutate readily. That means gardisil may be only a short time stop gap. Does the idea of penile cancer apeal to you? How about throat cancer? They along with cervical cancer are the reward for sexual revolutionaries today.
Did you notice a few years back when they switched from calling it safe sex to safer sex? Lets face reality. We were created by a thorough designer, GOD. He wrote an instruction book for our lives called the Bible. It is chock full of little tidbits that if followed will help you and me avoid problems such as these.
A few years back I got turned down by several different gals. I guess I was lucky, two of them now have cervical cancer. Thats a wake up call! I was just getting out of one marriage and looking for some fun and adventure. Glad I missed it. The idea of penile or throat cancer just doesn't sound appealing right now, especially with Obungler care.
The good news for all you muslims, HPV does not endanger your goats.

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