Friday, December 27, 2013

Even Wall Street advisors are saying buy guns

The latest advice for the yuppie crowd is that in a serious situation, you are better off if your trusted neighbors have guns. We all know that is sound advice. The Johnnie come lately boys are getting worried. Most of them have been spending their money on yachts, vacations, and luxurious living. Now they are figuring out how to build a bug out bag.
That's all the well and good, but where do they plan to go? They won't be able to pack enough into the Lexus to last more than a few weeks. They won't have gas for more than a few hundred miles, and after that, they might as well be on Naked and Afraid. New York City won't be a picnic to survive in, but they might stand a better chance if they form alliances now with their buddies from the racket club, and prepare to bug in.
I wish I could put a number on it. We might have a year, we might have two or five or ten. Building a bug out bag with out having a destination is a foolish venture. All the folks in the Catskills who have prepared don't have sustenance for more mouths, and that platinum Visa? Might be good for tinder.
Remember the rules, have a plan, have a back up plan, and a shit hit the fan plan, because the thing you did not plan on is the one that will hit you first. Hopefully you will never have to kill another human, but if they need killin, they need you to do it or you will die. Then? Assuming they don't kill your wife for sport, she might get two weeks of meals out of your corpus delecti. Cheering thought.
How fast could it happen? Look at how fast things went south when the EBT cards had a glitch a couple months ago. That fast!

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