Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mr Responsible strikes again.

Thanks to former President Bush, the Iranian government has increased the number of centrifuges by 400% since he left office. Yes, we can blame Bush for that. Presidents are supposed to groom a successor. Reagan prepared  Bush Sr. Clinton tried to groom man bear pig err Gore. Had Bush done even a half assed job, we would not have ended up with McInsane as the GOP nominee and disaster.Had the guy stood up to the communist media even once, we might have gotten a taste of the truth, and an antidote for Obozo. Instead, we got the worst pResident in history. A maroon who makes Jimmuh Carturd look like a relatively nice guy and semi compete3nt, instead of being the buffoon of all time and a laughing stock in the middle east.
Yup, thanks to Bush, the Iranians have added 14,000 centrifuges since he left office. Israel needs to arm up a couple of bombers and pay them a visit. The closet muslime marxist won't.

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