Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why Lie

I have a hard time understanding the mentality of a news propaganda organization that would boldly lie when just about every one knows the truth. Being its the New York Slimes though, its no surprise. Why though? do they honestly think anyone will buy it? Sure, there are a few 80 year old grandmas who will fall for it. Heck, I have an Aunt who still thinks Oblowme is the greatest president ever. She worships Clinton as well. In her case, liberalism is a mental disorder. What makes it stranger is that she is prolife.
As for the Slimes, we have had fifteen months to learn about what happened in Benghazi. Much is known, including that it was not a low budget film which sparked the attack. We know who commanded it, we know his alliances, and if we had a pResident with testicles we'd have wiped them off the face of the earth by now.
Instead, we have Soros' sick puppet who in all likelyhood made a deal with them to conduct the attack.
I guess Barry's cheer leaders never give up. Every twisted lie, every perversion of the truth. Some papers are unfit for bird cages.

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