Sunday, April 19, 2015

The old cow is running

How morally bankrupt is this nation that some one like Cankles can be considered a viable candidate for any office? I was shocked when she was elected as Senator from New York. Given what they have for a governor now, I can see the level of depravity that would enable a carpet bagger from Chicago to ride the coat tails of her philanderer to power.
Secretary of State? The pattern with Obambi has been to select people who are dumber than he is. When George W Bush held a cabinet meeting, he was the dumbest one in the room. With Barry, he is the smartest. Don't get me wrong, if you sent Obambi into a Bush cabinet meeting, even the carpet would be smarter, and if Bush attended one of Mr Failure's sessions, he would be Head, shoulders, chest and belt above them all. Bush was not a great leader, but compared to this knucklehead he is pure genius.
So what does that say about Hitlery? We thought the democraps had reached rock bottom with Barry. It now appears they are continuing to dig.
During the 1996 election campaign, when all Worthless Willie's foibles were known, it became clear that we as a nation were charging over the cliff. I guess its full speed ahead and damn gravity.
We as a nation deserve her. We have turned our backs on GOD. We allow the slaughter of our children and call it choice. We accept perverse marriage and call it diversity. Our leaders are preparing to throw Israel under the bus. Little do they realize that it is us who will be run over. Our day of reckoning is not far off. The day when the Angels cry "Babalon the great has fallen" will be the day of our reckoning indeed. We are the only super power of men on earth. Will we, like Rome be our own undoing? or is there a horde just over the horizon? That a person a fickle and irrelevant as her could rise to national prominence speaks volumes about us, and what it says is not good.

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