Saturday, April 18, 2015

Getting creative in OK

Oklahoma has become the first state to adopt nitrogen gas as their backup method of execution should the chemicals needed for lethal injection be deemed cruel and unusual,or become unavailable. As most of you are aware, the national; association of pharmacists has decided that they do not want to provide the chemicals for lethal injections. Fine and dandy, house the scum in need of death right next door to their homes and families. Bet they get their heads out of their asses and fast.
Frankly, any company that refuses to provide drugs for executions should be denied license to sell that drug,or any drug in the United States. The drugs used for lethal injections are the best use possible for them. It makes society safer for all of us. Then again, maybe if the executions were made in some terrible or horrific manner, criminals might think twice before doing the crime.
Nitrogen gas is easily obtained. If the airgas companies refuse to provide it, the states can get their own compressors and refine it in house.
I 100% support capital punishment. I am torn as to whether it should be a sanitized method. Yes, its easier for the general public to accept, but it lacks the deterrent effect that feeding a child rapist to a pack of pitbulls would have on the prison population.
Maybe the answer would be to let the family of the victim decide what method is used.

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