Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colusion or correct?

Police and prosecutors work hand in hand. There is a special kind of bond, a special kind of stupid that exists between them. The Jackson County prosecutor is dropping charges bought by a grand jury against a cop who shot an unarmed man in Kansas City.
Its time to revamp our system and get rid of the corruption. Any time there is criminal action to be brought against a cop, it should be done by an office that does not work with the cops. Officer involved shootings should NEVER be investigated by the department they were on no matter how big.
One thought that crossed my mind is to do away with the prosecutors office and replace it with an Attorney General. All liars err lawyers admitted to practice law in a district would be at the beck and call of that office. The Attorney general would not necessarily be a lawyer either since their job would not be to prosecute but rather to administrate. Each case presented by the police would be reviewed by the office and then assigned to an attorney who had no connection to the parties to prosecute, and if the defendant was indigent, a defense council would also be assigned. A liar could not refuse an assignment unless they had a direct conflict with one of the parties.
2. Every liar would be required to prosecute 50% of the time. They cannot turn down a prosecution assignment unless there is a conflict, and if they try to weasel out they would be suspended for three months the first time, six months the second, and their license to practice law would be revoked permanently on the third attempt.
3. If there is evidence that a liar threw a case intentionally, they would forfeit their license.
A lot of cases are won in court when the prosecutors know the cop is full of shit. it happens because of that bond. The facts in Jackson County are simple. The perp was not armed. He was running, and the officers surprised him, but he was not close enough to be a physical threat at the point at which he was shot.
Police need to be above reproach, not above the law.

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