Sunday, April 12, 2015

Home grown stupid

Several reports say that there are now ISIS supporters in every state. Kansas, this week got our first dose of it when a man was arrested here for plotting a splodydope attack on Ft Riley. John T. Booker, aka Mohammed Abdullah Hassan tried to join the Army to carry out a Ft Hood style attack. When the Army figured out he was a mainstream mooslime, they discharged him.
Undeterred, he decided that he would build and detonate a bomb on Ft Riley. Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, he broadcast his intentions on Facebook, and the government was on him like stink on shit, or a circle fly on Obambi.
This idiot failed because he was bragging about it. what worries me is that there may be an idiot or two who are smart enough to keep their traps shut and figure out how to build a bomb. Thank GOD that most people who believe the rantings of the arabian pedophile are for the most part dumber than a brick.
The lame stream media was labeling the Boston Bombers as home grown terrorists. They were not, they were imports. This idiot is a home grown one. This story has a happy ending. It could have been better though, he cold have blown himself up in the process of making his bomb.
Sorry John Boy, no 72 virgins in your future. Instead, you get to be the virgin for some S.O.B's named Bubba or Cletus who are gonna make you their pashtun boy. Just remember, the first symptom of AIDS is a hard pounding sensation in your ass.

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