Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Econ so simple a red neck could do it

Our acting president continues his war on Fox News aka faux news. Eighty companies have secumbed to preasure from Color of Communism, or is that color of change? Anyway, those companies have pledged to not advertise on Fox, specifically on Beck's program.
Are these guys nuts? Corporations know to go where the money is. If there isn't something back door in it for them, its crazy to not advertise on Beck. The guy now pulls an audience bigger then all his competition. Corporations ignoring that much potential is economic suicide, and in these unstable times add revenue is a precious comodity, dollars that cannot be wasted foolishly. People like Oberlain and Maddow are not pulling an audience. The ratings folks are showing that time and again.
In the days arround the 2002 midterms, when Yahoo had message threads with every article, it was common in the political threads to see progressives advocating Fill your cart and leave it at Walmart. it was a common theme because Walmart was supporting conservative ideals. the progressives are not flocking back to Walmart. They are still flocking to Target and the looney antics of that group.
I have spent less then $100 in Target. They refused to allow Salvation Army Bell Ringers and refused to support the USMC toys for tots drive in this area, and I believe nationally. Liberals love em for those reasons, anti-GOD and anti military. My bucks can go else where.
It pains me to not shop at Walmart. they have been a big supporter of the troops, scouting and the Salvation Army. Their decision to cave to a thug army of communist wannabes angers me enough that I am staying away.
Its time for the advertising exec at these corporations to step back and take a serious look at what they are being bulldogged into. Attacks on a free press should never be tollerated. I may not like what CNN and MSNBC say, or how they chose to report, but I'll defend their right to do it.

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