Friday, October 9, 2009

Obma wins the NoBalls Pizza Prize

Lets be honest, the award has been meaningless for the last thirty years and more. Now we must ask ourselves, Carter redux, Carter lite, or Carter was no where near as bad as this joke(r).
To his credit, Carter did negotiate a peace deal in the middle east, one which the Israelis have repeatedly broken with their retaliation against Palistidiot pranks such as rocket attacks and bombs.
And if the above statement needs a sarc tag, Y.O.U. A.R.E. A.N. I.D.I.O.T. or a Charles Johnson wannabe.


CharlieDelta said...

Love it! Nice!

Topeka Troll said...

What accomplishments are you refering to? He was nominated, or rather his nomination was bought less then two weeks after taking office.

Perhaps you refer to him saving the lives of countless soldiers by mismanaging the GWOT? Soldiers who will live because he is effectively arranging our surrender just as what happened in Vietnam?
I know you are too young to remember that, but I do remember.