Monday, October 19, 2009

Liberalism Then

Flipping channels tonight, and something caught my attention. This from the Military Channel. At the height of the Korean War, Truman relieved MacArthur. We all know that, but how often do we ponder the consequences of that action? MacArthur wanted to attack China. More correctly, counter attack. UN forces led by the United States Marines had driven the North Koreans back to the Yalu River. At that point, Chinese forces entered the war on orders from Mao. US forces were thrown back, and a war that seemed just about over was reignited. Chances for a united Korea ended then.
The United States had options that could have guaranteed a united Korea but chose not to exercise them. Fears were that any decisive action would escalate into WW3. For a generation soured by WW1 and then WW2, the idea of continued conflict was not exciting.
Many things were affected by that decision.
Mao and his regime were still in their infancy. It is possible that a small nuclear involvement could have forced them to their knees. As it is, 50 to 70 million people perished under his oppression. North Korea remains the most oppressive nation in the world with the possible exception of Cuba.
Could all out war have prevented the holocaust that happened in China? We will never know. I personally think it would have. China did not have industrial might. What they had was masses of humanity. In the battles of Korea their first few waves of troops had weapons. the subsequent waves picked up weapons of the dead and continued on. It was the equivalent of the Banzai charges that the Japanese did. How long would the Communist regime have lasted? I do not know. The entire country was not communist. in fact it was a perilous regime. That is why the slaughtered millions, to retain control.
Korea started a domino effect that led to wars in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and threatened Thailand. US reluctance to commit emboldened Communists in Cuba and Central America. those conflicts have killed additional millions.
In the end, we have won, some what. Russia teeters on the edge. While the wall is down, lingering trends toward totalitarianism remain. Our current president has backed down from Russia on the missile defense in Poland. How is that a threat? defensive equipment a threat? All it threat ends to do is stop aggression. It is not aggressive. that shield wold also have protected Russia from attacks should Iran ever turn aggressive toward them. Given that the Russians have a disdain for any religion, Islam is not on their short list of friends. people need to remember that. The atheism of Russia is as much an affront to Islam as Christianity.
Wise American generals have rightly viewed Totalitarianism for the evil it is. Patton, when he met the Soviet Army reported to SHAEF and asked for permission to continue the attack. Mac Arthur likewise wanted to press the fight against evil. Evil won. When good men do nothing, evil wins.
Remember that when you consider the consequences of your vote in the polls. Will you let evil win? The present administration has members who adore Mao, love Chi, and revere Castro. Do you get the picture? LETS NOT LET EVIL WIN.

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