Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not your average Marlin

Marlin has made several versions of their famous Glenfield 60. Beginning in 1960, Marlin introduced the world to microgroove technology in the form of a little fast repeating tube fed .22 rifle. The rifle was an instant success. Over the decades, Marlin has offered several modifications of this versitile arm. One of these, the Marlin Glennfiend 75C wandered through my life back in 1985. I love Marlins, but I prefer the mag feed. It has some liability in that it only accomodates seven rounds, or ten in the newest versions, but the luxury of a fast reload out weighs the higher capacity in my opinion. I had modified several 60s by the time this beauty entered my life, and had a fair idea of how I was going to approach this. I like bullpups. Since first encountering one in the hands of a French soldier, they have intrigued me. My first conversion was a model 60 that had been used as a club by an irate wife, not mine, who narrowly missed her husbands head with the swing. It shattered the stock and gave the barrel a slight bend. No matter, it still shot. A replacement stock cost as much as the rifle back then, so it was pretty much throw away. I go it for parts, then decided to make a stock. Now, I'm a fair hand at wood working, but even I must admit the first one turned out aweful. I routed the barrel groove freehand, not good. It perked interest though, and I sold it. Immediately after that, I went arround to pawn shops and picked up a few more orders. A little experimentation led to several jigs to speed production and I began making the stocks and a retrofit kit.

The trigger is the original. It is moved forward, and a transfer bar fitted to create the system. As you can see, the original gun was a tube fed model. Conversions cost me arround ten dollars back then.

The downfall for these was a scope mount. In order to use the gun, you had to crank your head arround into an impossible position, or use it like a pistol. I acquired the scope with an SKS rifle. It is a short Leapers 6X32 set on adapter risers from Cabella's.

This is the only 75C I modified. Maybe someday Marlin will be interested in an agreement and we can get this badboy onto the regular market.

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