Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good, Bad, or Ugly

A high speed chase ended in California when OnStar disabled the gas pedal. We can all look at this and see the good that can come from this sort of application. Most car jackings in which the police become involved turn into high speed chases and end in crashes. it is one very dangerous situation for police and the general public. I applaud this technology. I also want to issue a caution to people regarding this.
In the hands of a trust worthy government such power is nothing to fear. Our nation is no longer a totally trust worthy bunch though. We have seen voter fraud in several recent elections. We know about front groups working to steal elections by registering proxies. While everyone was laughing about registrations of daffy Duck and Porky Pig, the John Jacob Tingelheimer Schmidts variations slipped right on by.
Once a totalitarian group actually gains control, what power will they have? GM, the company offering OnStar is owned in part by the government, so if it were to happen that some evil minion got into office, he would have OnStar at his fingertips.
Big deal you say? What if you opposed the new regime? what if you spoke out in defense of the constitution? Would you be at risk? Yes you would.
When we entrust power to an honorable politician we need not fear, but the question we should ALWAYS ask is whether we would want that same power in the hands of one we did not trust.
democrats and republicans should be able to agree on this, if we can trust our own party is not the issue, but whether we can trust some one ideologically opposed to us with that same power.
Think about it.

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