Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ruh Roh

Seems the muslimes are upset. Folks at the Dove Outreach Center torched a copy of the Satanic verses. So far, at least ten of Satan's minions have joined him in hell. Heck, if I could get that kind of response, I'd torch one a week instead of just shooting them. Too bad its only in Afghanistan they are doing this. Iran, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, all could benefit from their riots and killings of other muslims. Their worthless religion of piss says its A-OK to slaughter Christians, Jews and other "infidels", so piss on them and any attempts at political correctness. And as far as the Kenyan asshat, he can go fuck himself too. its alright to burn the American flag or display piss Jesus, so he just needs to shut the fuck up about free speech and desecration of the satanic verses. Its OK for those low life scum to flog a rape victim to death according to their shit bag book, so burn it. islam isn't a religion, its a sick cult.

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