Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150 Years

It has been one and one half centuries since our nation went to war with itself. We feel the effects of that war yet today. The blacks were freed, States rights were destroyed, Thousands died, and animosity from those dark days still clouds our nation. I would like to point out as I begin that while slavery as practiced in the south was bad, that slavery is not entirely a bad thing. If states like California would choose to follow a strict interpretation of the constitution, they could stop the flow of money to Mexico and put thousands of prisoners to productive work. Yes, I would advocate slave labor as punishment for nonviolent criminals. Another good part of the slavery issue is that nearly all Americans of African decent would not be here were it not for slavery. In fact, most would not be alive at all. The people sold into slavery were mostly on the losing side of conflicts in Africa. had they not been brought here as slaves, they would have gone either to Arabia, or been slaughtered for sport. Not much of a deal I know, but it is a fat of life. While the ordeal of slavery was bad, the other choices were far worse. A lot of blacks today have an attitude about me owing them something. I am her to tell you, it aint that way at all. My great grandfather and his brothers were fresh off the boat when they were conscripted. They fought on the side that won. Hint, you owe them. You don't owe me, nor do I owe you a damn thing. Get a job and get over it. A lot was lost on the battle fields during that uncivil war. Many thousands died, the divisions from that war plagued our nation for a full century, and the last half century have been spent in attempts to get us back on track. The culmination of those fifty years was the election of Obama in 2008. Affirmative action had reached the pinnacle of bad. I'm not proclaiming that a black could not make a good president. The fact is that in an effort to be post racial we elected a dufus as POTUS. We have thousands of very capable blacks in this country. None of them ran. The only one who threw his hat in the ring is a goof who is potentially illegally in the oval office. I have seen You-tube vids where he acknowledged that he was born in Kenya. As such, he aint qualified. The civil war created a monster federal government. Sure, it wasn't as big then as it is now, but the seeds were sown then. Obama brought the harvest home. Its amazing to me that today, seven score and ten years after the civil war began that a black man whose ancestors were enslavers rather then the descendant of slaves is about to destroy this nation, a task the civil war failed to do one hundred and fifty years ago.

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