Sunday, April 24, 2011

A perfect world

There have been a ton of blog posts and news articles about the incident in Baltimore where two black girls beat up what at first was thought to be a white girl. Now it seems, not so. The receiver of the industrial strength ass whoopin was in fact a transgender. A XY type with implants and male genitals still intact.
In a perfect world this would not have happened. Instead the father of these black girls would have been the one to educate the pervert as to what door he needed to use regardless of how he wanted to dress and what he hoped to be if he grew up.
With skyrocketing divorce, and and babies born out of wedlock the norm, these kids today have little guidance to steer them in life. That is why we have this.
No Chris, what happen to you is not a hate crime. any man who wanders into the ladies room deserves the ass whoopin you got and one hell of a lot worse. Too bad you didn't learn anything from it except how to snivel "victim". Too bad those girls didn't kick you hard enough in the groin to save you the cost of surgery. Why do you want to be like that? hell, you can't even fight like a girl. Loser.

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