Monday, September 5, 2011

Blame the School not the fool

The latest round of depressed grads demanding a refund are from cooking school. Culinary Arts grads dreaming of being the next TV chef have gotten a wake up call and are angry that the schools misrepresented their placement possibilities.
First off, most of the track record is from when we had a vibrant economy, and people had the money to eat out some where other then Burger King. Lets face facts though, the economy is in the shitter because starry eyed young fools elected an empty suit as teleprompter reader in chief, and his foolish band of minions to positions in the house and senate effectively allowing communism to destroy our economic engine.
Kids, you only have yourselves to blame. Oh, it sounds like an awesome job, chef, but cooking is an art. You cannot teach art. True artists don't go to art school, they let their creative juices flow. You can teach some one to imitate a great chef, to blindly follow the recipe. You cannot teach the wonder that makes a great chef.
Next up to sue, the Womens Studies Majors. Reality folks, guys today study women on the pages of Playboy. If they try it at the park, Police get called and he goes to jail for being a pervert.
Seriously, before you pick your dream job, do a little research. You will not find a single Liar err lawyer wanted add on Craigslist, and the kitchen positions are for guys and gals to lug the lettuce over to the salad bar. You start at the bottom and work your way up except in the case of lawyers who start at the bottom and dig deeper.

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