Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what a jackass!

If you are expecting a diatribe about idiots in movies doing stupid stunts, you will be disappointed. This is about the holster designed by Rick Gallagher back in 1970 for the Chicago PD. First appearing in film in the 1981 movie Thief, the Jackass rig made an impact in peoples minds. When Hollywood churned out Miami Vice in 1984, they first attempted several clones of the venerable Jackass because they could not locate the manufacturer who had moved from Chicago to Phoenix. Funny thing, moving from a city where guns are so popular! OK, /sarc and back to business.
It seems Don Johnson took a real liking to the rig, and the Miami Classic was born. I can understand why, the holster is one of the best I have used. The fit feels natural, and a draw has the gun at high ready where you need it.
This rig is not a Miami Classic though, its a Jackass, the similarities are many, but the differences telling. The MC holster swivels attach on top, the Jackass back swivel attaches in front of the barrel. That gives the gun a muzzle high carry. Since that also swings the grips toward your ribs, it aids in concealing the weapon. If your carry choice happens to be a full length 1911, that becomes important as you wander the streets trolling for a mugger to scare the ever living shit out of since a muzzle tenting out the back of your jacket tends to keep em away.

This rig also sports the bottom snap stiched mag wells. Current production offers a bottom snap mag pouch which is riveted rather then stitched. The Current MC and MCII offer a stitched mag pouch, and a choice of forward facing or bottom snap retainers.

Having one of the finest products on the market has made the Jackass the most copied holster in modern times. You can get a clone in the neighborhood of $30.00 or you can get a system that will last you a life time for arround $150.

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CharlieDelta said...

I still haven't found the shoulder holster set-up that feels good AND conceals. The last one I got was a BLACKHAWK for a Christmas present for my Glock 36 (yeah I know, you don't have to say it, I'm selling it [the Glock] anyways) and it felt okay but the velcro scratches the shit out of my neck. When I finally get myself a 1911, I'll have to try one of these. It certainly looks comfortable. Leather construction is the way to go anyways...