Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Racism today

Obama is an absolute failure. He won the election with 53% of Americans supporting him. Today his numbers hover at 38%. When he took office democrats had their strongest majority in years. A filibuster proof senate! Imagine that! Rather then moving swiftly to implement their agenda, the democrats pranced about like roosters. The economy wallowed, American inspiration over seas was lost, and by 2010, many Americans were fed up with the garbage, It cost the democrats the house, and the senate super majority was gone. Sure, it went away prior to the election, but when a republican takes a safe democrat seat, it signals disaster.
Obama's numbers were still strong even when his policies were failing and Americans opposed them. Some how, folks still supported the first black president. Today, his numbers continue their slide. The only place he still holds sway is in the black community where his numbers remain at 88%.
Whats wrong with this picture? Are black Americans really that stupid? Obama is a puppet for larger interests, he is incompetent at even the things he tries to do for his masters yet they still support him. His actions will hurt the black community for years or possibly decades, yet they back him.
When I was just a number in corporate America, the company I worked for routinely filled management slots from the hourly ranks. Several times they had blacks in the running, but none ever were selected. Some of them were good men, no great men. Several of them had military leadership experience, and were senior NCOs in the Guard or Reserve. But they were still passed up for white guys and gals, some of whom were cluster fucks.
One time around, several blacks were in the running. One of them was a less then stellar fellar. he some times came to work drunk, his production quality was sub par, he was only semi literate, but guess who got picked for foreman, The drunkard. I will say, he was a nice enough person, never mean, but you could always smell booze on him.
I felt sorry for him. I felt even sorrier for the other blacks in the plant because I say this guy for what he was, a token. After that, I do not remember any blacks making it into the second round of the selection process, but this guy was always on the selection list for further promotion. He never got another promotion as long as I was there, but by including him, they had their token black, and his drunken ways ensured they had a reason to not promote him further.
He was a mistake, Obama is a mistake. That blacks continue to support him is some combination of stupidity and racism.Obama will hurt future black politicians. Men like Col West will suffer because of his incompetence, he will be an underyling factor in many elections.
The black community needs to dump Obama. First off, he aint black. 1/16 black yes, but he is half white and 7/16 arab. Blacks need to think clearly and remember that when their ancestors were being led away in chains and shipped off to America, it was Obama's kin doing it to them. Maybe this is their way of saying thanks, after all, the grim truth is that had the American slave route not been open, the best they could have hoped for was being shipped to Arabia and castrated. Most would have been killed for sport as they would have had no meaningful value. Those men were not weak timid gnats, the Arabians would not have wanted them in Saudi Arabia in any significant numbers for fear of their ability to fight. Instead the American slave trade gave them a market.
So my question for black America is this, do you support Obama out of a feeling of debt that his ancestors did not kill yours, or out of a mistaken belief that he is a good black man being harmed by white interests?

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CharlieDelta said...

I would go with the latter, but add a twist of racism and a splash of stupidity.