Thursday, September 22, 2011

A tail of two executions

Wednesday saw the executions of two convicted murderers, one in Georgia, One in Texas. Troy Davis was convisted for the 1989 murder of an off duty police office, a crime for which he has maintained his inocense. Lawrence Russell Brewer was convicted for hte 1998 dragging death of James Byrd. A black man convicted of killing a white, and a white man convicted of a hate crime murder of a black.
I have reservations about the conviction of Davis, but a jury of his peers found him guilty. If indeed he was not the trigger man, he was still present when it happend, and was willing to walk away and allow a murderer to go free. Instead, his accusations are that the real killer framed him. This is one clear case where polygraph examination of all witnesses would have ensured that justice was sure. If indeed Davis was framed, the real killer will have two lives to answer in hell for.
How many protesters wer outside the Huntsville complex to ask that the life of Brewer be spared? Were any prominent white ministers there to demand commutation of his sentence? Georgia was packed with protesters.
Both men were unique, killers whose victims were of a diffrent race. Most blacks kill blacks, most whites are  killed by whites. Both men got their just reward.
Justice delayed is justice denied. Davis lived another 22 years after the death of officer Mark MacPhail, Brewer breathed for an additional 13 after he slaughtered Byrd. The appeals process should start with a lie detector examination. If the convicted can pass, then examine each witness. We need to speed the appeals process, Gavel to grave in 365. Never a reason to keep em alive.

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