Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lyin Ryan strikes again

Tom Donahue's puppet is attacking republican freedom caucus members over the bill he has put forth to repeal and replace Obozo care. Lyin Ryan's bill does nothing of the sort. Already dubbed obamacare lite, it fails FULLY to remove the portions of the unconstitutional Unaffordable Hell Care Act that the communists rammed through after taking control of the government in 2008.
If you had any doubts about Paul Ryan, this should make it painfully obvious that he is as owned by the uniparty establishment as Nancy P. Lousy.
If the adds are playing in your neighbrood, get on the line to your congress critter and tell them to hold strong against Lyin Ryan. If they are not, get on the horn to your congress critter and tell him sell outs to communism don' get your vote. And if your congress critter is a commie err democrat, call em up and laugh at em.
2018 can't come soon enough.


Rrddbb said...

Ryan is another fraud jerkoff RINO.

Dan O. said...

2018: The year voters need to further help drain the swamp.